Waiting for Griffin by Reathel Geary

Issue 41

Autism is a separation of experience, where one is unable to participate fully in our shared reality. My son Griffin is autistic. Most of our experience is fraught with difficulty punctuated by moments of intense emotion.

Moments shared in these photographs are what I see as a father of a little boy struggling with autism. They are sometimes beautiful, often difficult and always true. Not only to the moment but also to my hopes and fears for the future.

Each photograph is printed as a photogravure, a process that requires a high degree of physical manipulation. Each time I wipe the plate to remove the excess ink I do so with a father’s hand. As I work the plate my son is revealed to me anew, beautiful and frightening in all his future possibilities. I see him for who he truly could be and I find myself waiting for Griffin.

Reathel Geary is a Eugene, OR based photographer.
To view more of Reathel's work, please visit his website.