Apparition by Joseph Gerhard

Issue 78

I suspect that most of us are not strangers to the symbolic, even if we don't think about it in those terms. It's there anytime something seems to evoke a hidden depth, seems to point beyond itself. Anytime a thing looks as if, contrary to a current cliche, it isn't just what it is.

This series explores the potential for the symbolic in the contemporary landscape—both in the natural landscape itself, and as suggested by objects and structures within the landscape (and, on occasion, framing it). 

The photos collectively attempt to push and pull at the relationship between appearances and how those appearances are internalized and experienced.

Most of the images were made near my home in Connecticut, the rest in Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

Joseph Gerhard lives and works in New Haven, CT.
To view more of Joseph's work, please visit his website.