MINE by Jonathan Blaustein

Issue 43

Everything you see in the photographs below is MINE. My farm. My property. My nature.

I own it.

After examining food in my last project, "The Value of a Dollar," this time around, I wanted to focus on territory. The Earth itself.

So I mined my own natural resources for a year, here on my land in Northern New Mexico, and removed the artifacts to my studio. Then, I fabricated the animals and objects into sculptures to be photographed. Products. Commodities.

This series of photographs is envisioned as the first wave of products offered by the Blaustein Mining Company, my corporate alter ego. As such, MINE is ongoing.

The images are direct representations of dual processes: my creative practice, and the capitalistic behavior through which we extract what we wish from the Earth for our own material gain.

Jonathan Blaustein is a Taos, NM based photographer and writer.
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