Higher Education by Joerg Colberg

Issue 15

We live in schizophrenic times. On the one hand, we realize that the quality and actual durations of our lives have vastly improved as a result of modern sciences. On the other hand, we have become increasingly suspicious of science and, especially, academia (where it is not directly involved in the development of new weaponry). Yet again, during the on-going Great Recession, we have witnessed deep cuts in funding for education, especially for sciences deemed not useful enough: in particular liberals arts, or art itself.

We have come to call scientists "eggheads" who are out of touch with reality, in particular if the results of their research clash with our political and/or religious beliefs.

What does academia look like? In what kind of environments do the people work who, it is assumed, are overly pampered "liberals", out of touch with the "common people"?

What do the environments look like that young students are subjected to when learning the skills that are supposed to help them both go through life?

"Higher Education" is an effort to portray academic environments.

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Joerg M. Colberg is a Northampton, MA, USA based artist.
To view more of Joerg's work, please visit his website.
Joerg is the editor of the blog, Conscientious and CPH Mag