Issue 68 - November 2014

From the Editor:

It’s November, and I find myself reflecting back on all of the terrific work Fraction has shown this year. I am really proud to have added so many talented artists to the Fraction family. This issue is a great example.

I had the pleasure of meeting Noah Addis at Filter this year. His work and his attitude are both energized, and it's work like Future Cities that I feel must be seen by as many people as possible. While I try to keep all personal political statements away from Fraction, they way we are treating the Earth and the way some people have to live is pretty awful.

I met Kurt Simonson several years ago when I first saw his Northwoods Journal projects, which was featured in Issue 32.  Kurt continues to evolve as an artist and begins to open himself up with this new and still in-progress project I Love You, Man.  I am really excited to show this work here and to see where it goes.

In July 2013, I worked with Charlotte Strode at a Flash Powder Retreat, and I've been a fan of her and Songs from the Road ever since.  Her work is quiet and beautiful and heartfelt.  I would encourage you to really spend some time with this work and let the emotion of it sink it.

Cara Harman is an artist that I have recently discovered (for myself). The images that make up Lost Things Found Space now haunt me as much as I think they haunt her.  

Also to note, the 7th Annual Fraction Holiday Print Sale will kick off on Monday, November 24.  If you're not on the Fraction email list, please consider it.  Sign up here and get notified first!

As always, thanks for your support of Fraction and its artists.

With Gratitude,

David Bram


Future Cities  by Noah Addis

Future Cities by Noah Addis

I Love You, Man  by Kurt Simonson

I Love You, Man by Kurt Simonson

Lost Things Found Space  by Cara Harman

Lost Things Found Space by Cara Harman

Songs from the Road  by Charlotte Strode

Songs from the Road by Charlotte Strode

Book Reviews

Leo Hsu reviews  On A Wet Bough  by Keliy Anderson-Staley

Leo Hsu reviews On A Wet Bough by Keliy Anderson-Staley


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