It Might Be Over Soon by Adam Smith

Issue 96

From my living room window I could see the news helicopter hovering over the beach. Human remains had been discovered at Golden Gardens. I grabbed my camera and headed down.

2016 was barely a week old and the morning, cold. The sky, water and pavement all were the same shade of gray. The beach was quiet and still. A man with a metal detector swept the sand. Reporters lazily loaded gear into their van. Two detectives hovered over the body.  I
stood there with my camera.

We were all searching for something.
The treasure hunter, valuable metals.
The reporter, a story.
The police, clues.

And me, although I didn’t realize it at the time, I was searching for beauty and peace amidst so much fear.

Adam Smith lives and works in Seattle, Washington.  
To view more of Adam's work, please visit his website and Instagram.

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