Good Morning, Good Morning by Aaron Feaver

Issue 20

This series of photos was taken over the course of a couple of months. I kept a camera next to the bed and would take a few shots first thing in the morning while we were still waking up. Some are casual, some are posed, some were taken when she wasn't paying attention. I wanted to photograph the feeling of waking up in that dark blue room with her, of drinking coffee in bed with the light pouring in through the single vine-covered window, and of her walking around on the morning-cold wood floors in her underwear. I feel like a lot of traditional figure studies are lifeless, and while I wanted to show a beautiful body and person I wanted to focus more on the intimacy and the life in that moment and space.

Technically, I wanted a grainy, high-contrast feel with a shallow depth of field and softer focus. Something kind of timeless, that could have been taken in the '50s or '60s or any time since. Because of the soft morning light I used Ilford and Fuji high-speed (3200 ISO) black and white films in a few different formats (35mm, 6x7, and instant peel-apart film).

Aaron Feaver is a Los Angeles, CA based artist
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