Issue 110 - May 2018

From the Editor-in-Chief:

10 Years. 10 years. I keep saying this over and over. I can't believe Fraction has been around for 10 years.  

Since it's incarnation in a Route 66 coffee shop to Issue 110, Fraction has stayed true to its mission: to bring together diverse bodies of work by established and emerging artists from around the globe. 

But Fraction has never been a "one person show".  Fraction was created by me and Joshua Spees.  Leo Hsu and Lauren Greenwald have been writing for Fraction for almost 5 years.  And since August 2015, Bree Lamb has been curating and running Fraction Magazine with her keen eye for photography and great sense of community.

Fraction would not have gotten this far without its faithful readership and followers and for that we say thank you. And with you, Fraction will continue to be a great place to see the best of contemporary photography, on a global scale.

With sincere gratitude,

David Bram


Group 1:

Lizzy Affa, Evan Allan, Michael Amato, Amy Becker, Victor Beckmann, Guilherme Bergamini, Josh Bergeron, Kevin Black, Lisa Boughter, Ernie Button, Joana Cardozo, Lorena Carrillo, Johnathan Cherry, Anastasiia Chorna, Marcy Cohen, Charles Cohen, Maëlle Collin, Anna Colliton, James Cooper, Victoria Crayon, Juan Del'o, Alex Djorjevic, Sean Du, Nicholas Fedak III, Andrea Fernandez, Tracy Fish, Brian Fouhy, Laurie Freitag, Yoav Friedlander, Takako Fukaya, Saman Genshin, Lauren Grabelle, Elizabeth T. Greenberg, Mark Griffiths, Nigel Grimmer, Zachary Handler, Jill Hannes, Thelma Harris, Roman Henze, Joseph Holmes, Ashleigh Howard, Yoko Ishii, Andrew Janjigian, David Johnson, Marky Kauffmann, Joy Kelley, Amanda King, Epiphany Knedler, Matt Kowal, Linda Kuehne

Andrew Janjigian

Andrew Janjigian


Group 2:

Molly Lamb, Flynn Larsen, Irina Lawton, Lucas Lenci, Alain Licari, Nicholas Luchenbill, Michael Martin, Monica Martínez-Díaz, Chloe Meynier, Julie Mihaly, Vera Miljkovic, Ashley Miller, Allen Morris, Yuri Ozaki, Marcy Palmer, Nathan Pearce, Laurie Peek, John Petro, Janet Pritchard, Keith Prue, Suzanne Revy, Adam Reynolds, Jason Rice, Victoria Ridgway, Erika Ritzel, Renee Romero, Linda Rutenberg, June T. Sanders, Joshua Sariñana, Paul Sisson, Shannon Smith, Kateryna Snizhko, Olmypia Sobande, Jason Stick, Dana Stirling, Yelena Strokin, Zachariah Szabo, Alexa Telano, Kristian Thacker, José-Luis Tirado, Larry Torno, Alicia Tsuchiya, Cassio Vasconcellos, Aaron Wax, Rebecca Webb, Siru Wen, Andre Woodard, Hajime Yoshida, FeiFan Zhang, Yelena Zhavoronkova

Paul Sisson

Paul Sisson