Issue 104 - November 2017

From the Assistant Editor:

This January marks David's18th year and my 8th year in New Mexico – just a couple of East Coasters who wandered out west and burrowed. Part of my motivation to move to New Mexico was to explore the place that had its own magical history in the larger world of photography. I have not been disappointed, and I'm constantly inspired by the dedication to craft and creativity in the artistic communities that abound.

This month's issue is dedicated to a very special, creative member within the field of photography who did much to strengthen the greater New Mexico artistic community. Patrick Nagatani developed his own dynamic style of image-making while providing insight into larger political and cultural histories. Beyond his creative contributions, Patrick was a kind, thoughtful, lovely person. He had retired from UNM before I began my MFA studies, but his reputation as a dedicated, compassionate, inspiring teacher lived on amongst the students and faculty. I feel fortunate to have struck a friendship with him and his equally kind, thoughtful, lovely wife Leigh Anne Langwell over the last few years. My stories of time shared with Patrick and Leigh Anne have the familiar ring of anyone who has spent time with them - full of lightness, generosity, and sincerity. We are grateful for you in so many ways, Patrick. Thank you.

Fraction's aim is to contribute to our community and to share the vision and energy of hard-working practitioners; and that mission feels all the more important today. So with these ideas in mind, keep making work and sharing ideas with each other. We bring you portfolios from Lily Frances, Victor Ramos, Ward Roberts, and Joshua White. Lauren Greenwald shares her review of Patrick Nagatani's The Race. We also wanted to share UNM's dedication to Patrick, as his impact and legacy live on. Thank you Arif Khan for permission to share. 

Take care,

Bree Lamb
Assistant Editor



Weightless  by Lily Frances

Weightless by Lily Frances

On the Spectrum - Life on Earth  by Victor Ramos

On the Spectrum - Life on Earth by Victor Ramos

Flotsam  by Ward Roberts

Flotsam by Ward Roberts

The New River b y Joshua White

The New River by Joshua White



Lauren Greenwald reviews The Race, by Patrick Nagatani

Lauren Greenwald reviews The Race, by Patrick Nagatani