Speeding Through by Sarah Windels

Issue 43

Speeding Through Here is a stop sign on the freeway, a glance at the places between here and there.

I used to know Interstate 5 as the fastest route to Southern California best driven at night. A direct shot through endless farms and industrial wastelands, I-5 ultimately stretches the length of the American West. When driving this route during the daytime, I-5 unleashes the expansiveness of the landscape and unveils the imprint of past and present industry while exposing a stillness in traveling upwards of 70 miles per hour.

The images in this ongoing project weave together three stories: the story of the physical journey from San Francisco to Los Angeles, the socio-economic story that unravels alongside the highway, and the story of a life journey.

Speedy vehicles, smart phones, and box stores encourage us to overlook the people, places, and ideas that lay between the space where we are at in life and the space where we want to be. We forget that as we speed between here and there, the heart, the spirit and a pathway always exist in between.

Sarah Windels is a San Francisco, CA based photographer.
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