St. George by Susan Lapides

Issue 109

St George is a traditional fishing community with 2800 people and not a single traffic light. Driving down Main Street for the first time, you might be surprised to learn that millions of pounds of farm-raised salmon and other marine life from the frigid waters are shipped worldwide. The town is situated in the Canadian province of New Brunswick on the Bay of Fundy, known for dramatic skies and the highest tides on earth.

The short maritime summers with long evenings have been cherished for generations. Light bends, time slows, families and friends gather around bonfires as the sun sets, and the stars alight. These are the moments between the memories, the fabric that holds the patterns of each summer: wildness and tenderness, sun-glazed cheeks and dizzy laughter. 

As the town changes, I aim to reflect the collective memory of the people of St. George and capture these fleeting moments of work and play in a more enduring document.

Susan Lapides lives and works in Boston, Massachusetts and St. George, New Brunswick.
To view more of Susan's work, please visit her website.

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