Dark Cities by Shyue Woon

Issue 92

My current work in progress series is titled “Dark Cities”. Started 3 years ago, the work is motivated by my interest in fringe spaces within modern constructed urban centres and megacities. I am curious about how built environments and their utility get subverted over time. Currently there are three works in the series Carpark, Capsule and Euljiro.

I liken my photography process to that of a crime scene investigator. I collect and document physical evidences of compliance and subversion. I am not interested in facts, rather how the unseen and seen affect our condition of living, imagining and subverting the paths and barriers laid out before us in cities.


I found myself drawn to the mystery gloomed by a dark, confining multi-storey carpark. With a hint of fear, I ventured into the void. I soon traced unexplained evidence that led to unsolvable puzzles. I don’t know what to make of my investigation, maybe this is how I interpret the carpark to be, a Purgatory, a space that is neither heaven nor hell.

Shyue Woon lives and works in Singapore.
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