New Mexico Artists by Karen Kuehn

Issue 1

Karen Kuehn photographer, mother, farmgirl resides off the beaten path in a rural community in New Mexico.

As a young woman some of her first instruction came from what has been referred to as the zone system. Inspired by photographers like Duane Michals, Sally Mann, Irving Penn and Diane Arbus, Karen feels naturally drawn to seeing in black and white. Wearing many hats in the photographic community she shoots regularly for many national magazines and agencies.

A visitor can find Karen pulling archival prints from her darkroom for collectors and within a moments notice, collecting eggs from her chickens. Her life is rustic and vital and feeds her daily passions. Never a dull moment she is constantly shooting.The Artist series shown here is one that developed from a need to find "her" people having freshly moved from NYC she needed to mingle and make friends with the locals so why not do portraits of the contemporary artist. A natural progression was to include native artists as well. Karen feels this will one day be an exhibition at the museum and hopes to publish a book about artist as inspiration.

Karen Kuehn lives and works in New Mexico.
To view more of her work, please visit her website.