22 Landscapes by Bill Schwab

Issue 3

Honestly and without any pretense, I can think of no other reason for photographing other than the wonder of it all. As I near the half century mark and having done this for so many years, the act has become ever so much more than a simple for of expression. Having started in the darkroom as just a boy, I've almost lost touch with what it was that made me choose this path other than the amazement of that first print coming up in the tray. That relatively simple chemical reaction on top of my mother's washing machine was the spark leading to the process having become my life in so many ways. It feeds my family, marks my time, shows me where I've been and how I've felt. It is my station, my identity.

Approaching this milestone, I am increasingly aware of the pictures I've made not as a series of projects and processes, but as my life's work. More than ever, I am taking great comfort in knowing they exist as well as enjoying the process of photographing perhaps more than any other time.

I'm grateful to be given the chance to show you this group of photographs that are mined from the last several years. It is my hope they will serve as a fitting introduction to what it is I do and as an open invitation to look further.

To view more of Bill's work, please visit his website.