A Portfolio by Norman Mauskopf

Issue 4

During a distinguished twenty-five year photography career Norman Mauskopf has had three award-winning books of his photographs published by Twin Palms/Twelvetrees Press, and has been the recipient of a W. Eugene Smith Fellowship. His most recent book, A Time Not Here, focuses on African-American musical and spiritual traditions in Mississippi and was described as "a focused documentary of astonishing beauty." His second book, Dark Horses, documents the world of thoroughbred horseracing and was described as "classic photojournalism slyly refracted through prisms of drama, majesty and humor." Norman's first book, Rodeo, looks into the lives of professional rodeo cowboys. About the images in Rodeo author Ben Maddow wrote, "they are not merely photographs but observations deeply seen and deeply felt... Mauskopf has uncovered someting profound and instinctive." A forthcoming book will focus on the Latino culture of northern New Mexico and will include an original text by poet Jimmy Santiago Baca. Norman has also completed a rare documentary in the legal brothers of Mustang, Nevada.

Norman Mauskopf lives and works in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
To view more of Norman's work, please visit his website.