Solid Ground by Holly Lynton

Issue 3

I make large-scale, color, photographs to highlight fantastical aspects of the natural world. My series "Solid Ground" captured events in my tidy backyard, where close-up, nature appeared to take control. In "Limax" slugs climb over the tangled grass to occupy glasses of sugary mojitors and in "Hymenoptera" a bee is the protagonist in the swirling world inside a kiddie pool. The photographs were made in a variety of ways. Sometimes, I would respond spontaneously to an event in the world and grab my camera. Other times, I recreated a scene from a past event or memory, and photographed it. I approached my backyard as if I was on a safari, often getting down low to the ground to shoot from an uncomfortable proximity to my subject. I limit the visual information in each situation. This helps remove the context in which the image is made, and open up a fantasy where we have struck a balance with the natural world.

To view more of Holly's work, please visit her website.